Clinical Tongue Diagnosis

21st January 2018


Boheme + Body Wellness Shala,

Christine Corner Shopping Centre Shop,

26/221 Christine Avenue,

4227 Varsity Lakes, Queensland, Australia.

Ticket Information:

I am delighted to host one of Australia’s leading Ayurvedic Dr’s, Rama Prasad, on the Gold Coast for a fun and interactive workshop on Tongue Diagnosis!

What if you can take a glance or two at your client’s tongue and detect the exact musculo-skeletal issues, exact organic weakness, and dosha fluctuations?

What if you can tell your client that their cleanses are really working?

Would it help you plan a more accurate program for your client?

Easy to learn and quick to apply – Tongue Analysis is a any therapists’ dearest friend.

Learn Ayurveda tongue analysis with Dr. Rama Prasad. Master the foundation and applied Tongue Analysis in this 6 hours intensive!

Dr. Rama Prasad has 25+ years of international experience!

Who should do it?

All health practitioners such as Naturopaths, Herbalists, Nutrition practitioners, GPs, Ayurveda practitioners, Yoga therapists and health seekers will be benefitted by this training.

The language is clinical but simple.

Just $99!

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