Did you know that Ayurveda only became a popular health system in India in modern times? And, that it was predominantly used in an allopathic context- that is, using herbs and treatments to minimise symptoms?

Interesting, huh?

It interests me a lot, as the foundation of Ayurveda is all about understanding and harmonising our life with the laws of material nature, so we can lead a lifestyle that is conducive to spirituality. AND, one of the biggest key factors of the Ayurvedic approach to health is that it is a PREVENTATIVE health care system.
It’s interesting that the roots of Ayurveda have been somewhat dissolved in it’s own mother country.

So what does this mean for Ayurveda in modern times?

Well, it means that there is a need for people to step into the gap, and become an important part of Ayurveda as it’s taught in modern medical history.

It means there is an exciting opportunity to learn and pass on the essential teachings of Ayurveda, from which people become empowered to take ownership of their healing journey, living life in a way that promotes optimal wellbeing, not just the absence of disease.

There is a VAST amount of knowledge making up the foundations of Ayurveda. Of which treatment is second to. Herbs and treatments are an important limb of Ayurveda, but they are not ‘Ayurveda’ in its complete sense. Just as asanas (physical postures) are not ‘yoga’, but a technique used on the path of yoga.

So! Back to being excited!

…‘Ayurveda’ may not be the far out technical medicinal system that you think it is.

Yes Ayurvedic practices include Pancakarma, self-care, herbology, cooking, shirodhara, surgery, astrology AND MORE (awesome, right?).

However, the foundational teachings that make up Ayurveda are something that EVERYONE can learn and apply to their life, and have little to do with the limbs of treatment.

Commonly known as ‘right living’, lasting healing takes place when an individual understands and takes ownership for their life through living life properly – i.e healthy eating, exercise, meditation, sleeping well, etc. Without this, we can easily get caught on loop, going from treatment to treatment, without getting to the root cause of the problem. This ‘right living’ approach to health enables people to have some control over their own health/healing process.

This means engaging in daily activities that promote health and vitality.
This means not handing over their problems to a therapist; rather using therapies as part of their healing process.
This means not expecting that herbs alone will solve their problems; rather integrating herbs as medicine to assist in their healing process.
This also means, taking responsibility for their state of mind and seeking a pathway to managing their senses, energy channels and mental processes; as opposed to relying solely on a substance or therapist to relieve stress or anxiety.

Ayurveda promotes powerful transformation and healing, through nurturing people to discover themselves; to contemplate; to understand how their environment and lifestyle affects them; to truly know who they are; and live a life that prioritises health, happiness and spirituality.
I 100% believe that EVERYONE can learn Ayurveda.
And that EVERYONE can benefit from Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a powerful method for true, holistic transformation.
I have seen people come off drugs, let go of eating disordered behaviours, depression, and more, simply by applying the fundamental principals of Ayurveda.

Without NLP.
Without positive thinking and affirmations.
Without ‘manifesting’.
Without additional substances or herbs.
Without Pancakarma, heavy detoxing, or strict dieting.
And best of all, without force.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is the kind of system that once you ‘get it’, you’re changed forever. You don’t wrestle with dogmatic or strict guidelines. You simply know and understand, develop your awareness, and move through life with a clearer consciousness.

And THAT’S exciting.

Because when you’re not bound up thinking about your bodily struggles or mental health issues, you have time, space and energy to contemplate and act upon what’s REALLY exciting: living for you higher purpose. Imagine the influence that would have on society as a whole?

Exciting, right?!

Let’s do this together.
Walk the path of knowledge and understanding.
While we empower others to do the same
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