7 Day Sadhana Challenge

You know how to look after your physical health…
but what about your mental and spiritual health?

Adding meditation to your life has many benefits, such as:

  • Stress reduction
  • Reduce anxiety naturally
  • Improve overall sense of wellbeing
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Bring peacefulness to the heart and mind
  • Reduce reactiveness and increase responsiveness
  • Develop mind awareness
  • Increase happiness
  • Increase creativity
  • Reduce and/or heal depression
  • Increase insights
  • Uncover your true self

A daily Sadhana (dedicated practice) is the perfect way to make meditation a part of your day so you can enjoy all these benefits, whilst providing a means to discovering your highest truth.

In this simple, straight-forward practice I will teach you how to add the practice of meditation to your life in a way that is maintainable for life, and not to mention enjoyable.
I’ve broken it down into 3 stages.
So if you only have 10mins available, just do the first stage.
If you have 20mins available, you can do stage 1 and 2.
And if you have 30mins – do the whole practice.

The challenge includes:

  • Your simple step by step meditation program
  • An audio file explaining what to do and how to do it
  • A bonus Ayurvedic Psychology cheat sheet to help you understand how your mind operates and how you can adjust your lifestyle to make your mind your best friend (not your worst enemy!)

This is the number 1 self care practice that all my clients and students are raving about!
Try it for yourself and experience the benefits!

Sign up here now – starts next week!! Share it with a friend and take the challenge together!

See you in the challenge!


How to Deal with Menstrual Cramps


So you’re on your period, eh? Finding it hard to deal with the one woe of womanhood because of the incessant cramping?

I feel you.

Now, don’t go guzzling buckets of Godiva chocolates and candy bars, even though that’s a quick fix to your body’s feelings of pain; it isn’t the right move, girl!

We naturally crave chocolate when we have our periods because cacao is high in magnesium– the mineral that helps with easing muscle cramping!

No wonder I’ve devoured an entire pack of Loving Earth chocolate today.

But I’ve got some easy home remedies that can cure those cramps without the sugars

  1. Improve your diet!

If you are suffering extreme/unbearable cramping, it’s an indication of “ama” within the body. Ama in Sanskrit means: uncooked/undigested. In Ayurveda it a term that describes the half digested, un-metabolised food products circulating in the body as toxins. Ayurveda has named such toxins as “Ama.”

Women are fortunate in that they can be using the monthly cycle as a window into the state of their health. If our cycle becomes overwhelming­– physically or emotionally– it’s an indication we need to do some work on detoxing and balancing our body.

Reducing fat and increasing vegetable intake is a good step to take, says an ob/gyn at UCLA Health and professor of ob/gyn at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine in Los Angeles. Maintaining a low-fat diet during your period decreases overall levels of inflammation.

Perfect time to do a detox!

And like I said before, add some magnesium to your diet, not in the form of chocolate: leafy greens, nuts, beans, bananas, fish and avocados, all have a high amount of magnesium.

  1. Exercise

Yep. Even though you may not want to, exercise is a great way to stop cramping. Hormone-like substances, called prostaglandins, which are involved in pain and inflammation, trigger muscle contractions in the uterus. When we exercise, our endorphins combat these prostaglandins and our body pumps more blood, reducing our cramps.

  1. Got a heating pad?

Number three is heat! Heat is a great remedy if you’re saying to yourself “no way. I do not feel like running or doing an exercise video right now.”

Instead, take a heating pad or something like it, and apply it to the area in pain. This helps relax the muscles that are contracting in your uterus!

  1. Open your spice/herb cabinet.

There are many home remedies using spices and herbs: ginger, basil, cinnamon, fennel and chamomile.

Literally add any one of these to a cup of boiling water and drink it.

These herbs and spices have anti-inflammatory, pain-killing, fatigue fighting and relaxing properties.

Have your own home remedies?? Send them to me on Facebook and comment on the article! We’ll add a follow-up blog with your home remedies!

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Get Your Green’s On

Everyday Greens Samantha Doyle

Animals eat grass and they thrive exceptionally! Heck, for some animals, that’s practically all they eat! If grass alone can sustain an entire cow, it must be exceptionally high in nutrients, right? That’s totally correct! Grass is amazing, but for us – not so much the regular paddock grasses.

Eating pure “grass,” like the stuff you’d pick up in your front yard, shouldn’t be your first go-to when thinking of picking up this very green habit. Regular grass actually has too much cellulose, so it’s very difficult for humans to digest. As a result, it provides very few nutrients to us. So cross that grass of your list!

What you should be going after in the fictitious “grass aisle” of your grocery store are “cereal grasses.”  Did you know that wheat, barley, oat and alfalfa grasses are actually the young green sprouts that grow into those cereals? It may seem obvious now, but crazily, until I put two and two together, I had no idea. Hopefully that just blew your mind, too.

Wheat grass… becomes wheat. Barley grass… becomes barley.

Keep in mind that the grasses are just the leaves. Not the grains. Gluten-free, ladies and gents! (Of course).

Anyways, these types of grasses’ nutritional profiles are great for us! They’re comparative to many of the dark green vegetables we’re supposed to be eating regularly, but unfortunately they cannot be eaten by chewing or swallowing. You may have noticed your local juice joint juicing wheat grass into “wheat grass shots,” or that barley/oat grasses most commonly come in powders.

Like regular grass, it’s still pretty tough for us to digest them whole, so we have to extract the juice or make them into a powder before their nutrients can be available to our bodies.

Once these nutrients ARE available in the right forms though, the benefits are ASTOUNDING.

Since barley and wheat grasses are in my Everyday Greens powder, I’ll explain a little bit more about how awesome those two are.

Barley grass contains more calcium than cow’s milk. 11 times the amount to be exact! And nearly five times the iron of spinach. It’s also jam packed with vitamins C, B12, potassium, magnesium, zinc, beta-carotene and the list goes on and on.

It’s been used medicinally for thousands of years, treating skin, liver, blood and GI (gastro-intestinal) disorders, too.

Wheatgrass contains literally all minerals known to man. Seriously! It contains more vitamin C than oranges and twice the vitamin A of carrots, as a side note. It’s also incredibly rich in protein and contains 17 amino acids. It detoxifies your blood, cleanses the liver, helps relive constipation and can improve your digestive system (like yee ol’ medicinal barley grass!)

But it doesn’t stop there.

Wheatgrass improves arthritis, helps keep hair from greying, can help treat skin problems like psoriasis, eliminates tooth aches, can cure a sore throat (by gargling wheatgrass juice), improves blood sugar problems and as an interesting fun little fact, can also be used as a douche for many feminine complications.

Get your supply of both wheat and barley grasses today by purchasing a pack of your Every Day Greens from my online store! Remember FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE when you purchase my Everyday Green’s as part of a Starter Pack (yep – my full range of supplement’s AND my 12 week Transformation Guide with FREE SHIPPING!)

Time to get your Green’s On guys!

Well wishes,

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