marma points samantha doyle

Marma Points!

Marma Points – the Ayurvedic version of  Acupressure

marma points samantha doyle

The subject of marma points is incredibly vast. Here is a quick overview for anyone interested in exploring the idea of marma points.

Similar to acupressure points, marmas are sensitive points throughout the body that connect to the nadis, or subtle energy pathways. They lie superficially and internally, and vary in size. Their composition is relative to the tissue that they lie in, for example bone, muscle, ligament, blood vessel, organ, etc. Generally, there are around 107 core marmas in the body. However, the number of marma points will vary from body to body, as they can also manifest due to physical or psychological traumas. They can be used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

There are three main objectives for marma points therapy:

  1. To unblock and clear the nadis, allowing for an improved flow of prana and maintenance of health.
  • Toxins, stress and negative emotions become lodged in the mamra points. These toxic accumulations can remain lodged for years before detection, sometimes resulting in disease. If you come across a tender point whilst engaging in self-massage, pay special attention to it, as ill health can be detected prior to manifestation from swollen or tender marma points. Unblocking the congested points with practices such as massage and yoga promotes health and vitality, and assists in the prevention of disease.
  1. It is said that marmas act like switches that turn our energy flow on or off, or up or down, or manipulate and direct it in particular way
  2. To treat a specific organ or system within the body.
  3. To treat dosha imbalances.

Marmas and Yoga Practices…

Many of the major marma points lay in the joints (including the joints of the spine) and limbs of the body. When we practice asanas and pranayama, the bending, twisting, stretching and strengthening exercises manipulate the nadis and assist in dislodging blockages (such as in the marmas). This has similar effects to that of acupuncture.       

Keep marmas in mind when you’re doing your self-massage practice to maximise on boosting your sense of wellbeing.