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Is Self Care Important?

I feel like I harp on about self-care a lot. But I know for a fact, people still don’t realise just how important it is.

Here’s a good analogy to help you understand.

Take your car.
Run it on the wrong kind of fuel for a week. How well does it run?
Don’t change the oil for a couple of years. What happens to the engine?
Don’t ever clean the windows. What’s your vision like?
Run the battery completely flat and have to jumpstart it every week. See how that goes.
How would your car be running if you treated it like this for a few years?

…Your body is your vehicle.
Except you use it 100% of the time; unlike your car, which you use for a small percentage of the day, some days.

Why do you experience the urgency in looking after your car, but you run your body into the ground?

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5 Daily Self Care Practices :

  1. Mantra Meditation: to rest the mind, soothe the soul and give us a break from everyday life.
  2. Abhyanga (self massage): rhythmic, repetitive strokes, with gently warmed oil, to calm the nervous system and nourish the tissues of the body.
  3. Nature: find time to connect with Mother Nature and enjoy harmonising with the natural rhythms of energy
  4. Solitude time: remove yourself from your everyday environment to take time out from your everyday influences.
  5. Yoga-asanas: slow down and check in with your body; sharpen your awareness and flood your body with fresh oxygen.

Is it selfish to look after your car?

Of course not.

Something I’ve never understood, is why women feel selfish in looking after themselves. Is it selfish to invest time in doing the things that give us more energy; preserve our God given bodies; and keep our bodies happy, healthy and harmonious?

If you run your car into the ground, I guarentee, you will be spending a LOT more time thinking about it, fixing it, pouring resources and time into it. If you keep your car running well, get it serviced regularly, put the right fuel in it- it practically keeps running effortlessly, allowing you and your family to carry on with your life, go on amazing adventures, and get where you need to be day in day out.

Spend a little time looking after it each day to save yourself being FORCED to spend EXTRA time, energy and resources on it in the long run.

So which car do you think will go further and be more pleasant to drive?
And how are you treating your vehicle? Are you looking after yourself properly?

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