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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

mandala background green

What words come to mind when you think of Saint Patrick’s Day?

Green? Shamrock? Eating? Drinking? Leprechaun? Ireland?

I have those same thoughts, too, and I might indulge in the age old tradition myself. But this year, how about honoring St. Patrick in a different way? Making March 17th a little unconventional in the only way we know how: the yoga way.

Weirdly enough, St. Patrick’s color was blue, not green. The Irish came to accept green as the symbol for Ireland because of the lush greenery: the ‘Emerald Isle.”

We, however, can honor the color green not for nature (though let’s do that too!) but for the fourth chakra: the heart.

The Power of Green

Green is the color of the Heart chakra. It signifies love and healing, and is associated with gratefulness. This chakra also helps with mental health: depression, anxiety and nervousness.

Valentine’s Day and the month of February, many yoga instructors and followers recognize, is the heart opening month– paying attention to poses that open and honor this chakra. But why not take a day in March to do the same?

Camel, sphinx and cat poses aid in opening the heart and showing your inner green! So try incorporating these poses in your daily routine today.

Changing Poses to the St. Patty’s Theme

Shamrocks? That’s the next thing that comes to mind, right? How do we include the shamrock today?

Pink Oatmeal, an online blog, adapted the three-legged dog pose to represent the three leaf clover. Each hand and the grounded leg are your leaves, and the lifted leg embodies the stem!

If you want four leaves for your four leaf clover, stand in star pose and extend both arms and legs and, there are your four leaves!

Maybe doing this pose today will bring you good luck. It’ll be like you found yourself.

Eats and Drinks? What about those?

Just like the world around you, indulge in the feast and the party, but focus your meals and beverages around the Irish greens and oranges.

Because it is Vata season, we want to focus on cooked fresh vegetables. So how about trying some sweet potatoes, pumpkin and carrots paired with kale, broccoli and asparagus! Sounds yummy and festive.

For a drink, I suggest trying this recipe from “Oh She Glows.” It’s a Green Tea Lime Smoothie Bowl. A holiday treat for the saint in you.

As for leprechauns, the trickster fairies, perhaps you’ll have to think outside of the box and make your own tradition.

I would recommend, however, rediscovering your own pot of gold today. Honoring what makes you feel rich. Is it your family? Your practice? Your spirituality?

Whatever it is, dare to discover yourself as if finding your real identity and purpose were a rainbow with gold at both ends.